Advantages and disadvantages of handphone on teenagers

Advantages and disadvantages of handphone on teenagers


  •  As an Aid in Emergency Situations
When accident, you need a handphone to call  an emergency service or a towing   service in case of a tire blowout while driving. Many new phones are also includes GPS location technology. This are allowing parents to pinpoint the location of their children. Or you can find out it when your handphone was lost or be stolen.

  •  Connect with others

For those teenagers who are leaving home to study or work can make a voice call or video call with their family although they are in two different countries. We also can use the Short Message Service (SMS) through handphone. Just text and send to friends or family with a lower cost. Moreover, nowadays teenagers are using smart phone to online Facebook, MSN, WhatsApp to connect with friends or family.

  •   Can study in anywhere, anytime

With the applications in smart phone, teenagers can online to searching information, online dictionary, online library, and so on. It is easy for them while they are waiting public transport or in free time.


  • Health problem

Teenagers nowadays were always sticks with their handphone no matter     sleeping, even taking a bath. This will influence their eye’s vision. In addition, they are not enough time to sleep, this will make them easy to get sick.

  •  Become lazy

Teenagers are addict with their applications in smart phone. They online, play game, chit-chat, when they are in classroom, in home, or anywhere. This will make them lazy to do other things like assignment, study, homework, housework and lots. Moreover, now can order delivery food, online shopping just through internet, teenagers will become lazier.



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